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We deal with leaving differently, love.
I miss you guys so much.
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Couldn’t be more true most days.

Please let the sweater weather come!

Please let the sweater weather come!

What got you into writing?

I took up writing as a hobby then as an outlet. I write what I feel and I guess that’s why I hate it when I’m forced to write. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact instant when I decided I was going to write, I just did.

Hope this answers you question, Grey Face.

Instantly after I post my last post- I got one of these. Thanks tumblr.

Instantly after I post my last post- I got one of these. Thanks tumblr.


500th post and I don’t even care. I’m cool like that.

I need a new job really bad. The one I have sucks and it’s starting to effect my sleep cycle. I just want to work at a local bookstore or café, please?

Graffiti Park in Austin Tx. Awesome street art.

Kinesis and Stasis

Life is a balance between keeping up with the world and staying who you are.

Kinesis- movement, motion.

Staying synched with the movement of the environment you’re in and moving into the change it presents is just how we have to live now-a-days. Back in the day, pioneers could live their lives free of the outside world: they could grow or craft whatever they needed. Life was, not easy but, simple. Now we have new technology and political correctness coming out every month. We have to keep up or be shunned by society.

Stasis- a period or state of inactivity or equilibrium.

All throughout middle school up until mid-adulthood, people will tell you, “Stay yourself” and, “Never change.” It’s funny, because to survive you have to adapt, but you should always remember where your roots lay. Never lose yourself to modern culture, always keep the rear-view mirror in check, but don’t dwell there. Don’t live your life in the past but remember your experiences there, to keep from making the same mistakes. If you conform to every trend that comes down the pipe, you’re no longer a person. You’re a tool being used by corporate America.

This is what life consists of.

If you can balance these two things then you have it all figured out.

Symmetry is what it’s all about.



I feel like putting an ad out in the local paper to look for new friends.
Moving after you graduate is like being the new kid at school, but no one really wants to talk to you because you could be an axe murdering rapist.
I’m just looking for cool people I can go to coffee shops with and study.
If I try talking to people they automatically assume I’m hitting on them or just creepy.
It doesn’t help that I go to a community college and almost no one in my classes are even close to my age, and if they are they’re preppy or drug dealers.
Meh, hopefully the new job will have some interesting individuals.

I guess I’ve just got tumblr for now.